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Experience an unforgettable stay with the animals in Pairi Daiza

Fall asleep with the wolves... Wake up with the polar bears... Watch the brown bears play in the water from your terrace... Observe impressive walruses from your room with spectacular underwater view...

Pairi Daiza gives you the chance to experience an unforgettable stay in half board (2 days access to the Park, an overnight stay in a unique room, breakfast, dinner, exclusive moments to discover the park...) in the proximity of the most exceptional animals.

An experience to share with your loved ones, family, friends or colleagues, in the heart of Europe’s Best Zoo 2018, 2019, 2020.

Panoramic view Panoramic view

Discover the bears, fallow deer or Steller sea lions as well as the entire world where they live in Pairi Daiza.

View from above View from above

Observe the tigers, polar bears, penguins and their territory from above from your room.

Face-to-face view Face-to-face view

Observe the bears, wolves, tigers, penguins, polar bears or walruses through the window of your room or salon.

Prepare your stay in the heart of Pairi Daiza

You can book your overnight stay in Pairi Daiza through our reservation module. Enter the date of your stay, determine which animals you want to see from your room and choose the perspective from which you want to observe them.

Depending on your choices and the availability of the accommodations, you will see the various room options.